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“It ain’t over until it’s over”….so true for Iraq…they stand hip deep in issues…they gather the wagons surrounded by bad guys…bad guys from the outside (terrorists) and bad guys from within (corrupt officials).

But they have someone who can save the day…one who has the expertise and where with all to change the course of things through his skill set and expertise…make it so…if Dr. S [Shabibi] who has silently stepped onto the playing field, an unexpected substitution of sorts for keywords…if he were to pinch hit in such a capacity that he is so well known for…”taking care of business”.

I would suggest you watch for this…NATURAL…to step to the plate in the very near future…for I believe the destiny of Iraq will ride in his hands…His effort will connect Iraq to the rest of the world in a way no one expected…with an outcome for all who had the patience that was unbelievable…Dr. S is in control and the outcome will be monumental.