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We have great EXPECTATIONS for November, we expect to see great movement from within Iraq during this month.

We’ve already seen a commitment from Parliament to hang around for 30 days and delay their vacation…why…to pass the budget...the budget they have been asked by PM Abadi and COM to not change…read it once…twice…then vote upon it.

Abadi spoke at the opening ceremony for the 42nd Baghdad International Fair…a fair attended by many both from within Iraq and many from outside.

he spoke of a Baghdad free of terrorism…the cradle of civilization… what a great choice of words…the Baghdad that is to return to world renown…they reconstruct and at the same time the eliminate red tape that formerly stood in the way…how…by making amendments to existing laws that wipe away the red tape and bring great shame to corruption.

Even with low oil prices they continue to seek ways to finance their country through greater emphasis on activities within the public and private sector both that take away so much focus on oil.  Watch what they do in November…keep track of the accomplishments.