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Thursday News Summaries and Commentaries

Well after taking a quick peek at the news this morning that has surfaced so far….it sounds good to me…..the Investment Law headed to a vote on Monday it sounds like….more talk on the budget for 2016….some talk of the agreement made with Putin in Baghdad for intelligence information last month.

Sheikh Hamoudi announce an end to disputes over investment law and vote on it next Monday

First batter out of the box this morning looking good, standing in the batter’s box eyeing a couple of pitches for balls, then we see a third pitch coming down the middle and a sudden swing and “smack” send the ball into deep right field for a stand up double…..

The Investment Law will walk onto center stage Monday, so it is said, for a Parliament vote on significant changes to the law….hopefully gone is the red tape, gone are any motives towards corruption….hopefully gone are the political differences that have plagued this law for months.

Iraq plans to reduce its dependence from oil by 10% per annum

Well take this for what you might think it is worth….the Finance Committee is claiming there are plans in place to reduce Iraq’s dependence on oil revenues by 10% each year….IF…this is for real a part of PM Abadi’s reform efforts then I may believe what they are saying…..this does sound like the kind of effort he would make in this direction…..creating a definite target on an annual basis in which Iraq will try and step away from their strong dependence on the vast oil revenues they take in each year.

Crisis cell led by al-Abadi meets to conduct a comprehensive review of the budget law

PM Abadi held a “crisis cell” meeting to prepare for an “extraordinary meeting” on Sunday regarding the 2016 budget…..I hope he’s telling his ministers this is how the horse bit the apple….leave this budget alone….and tell your Parliament committees to do the same as he stares at Finance Minister Zebari eye to eye…..again he focuses on salaries for 2016 up front rather than the funds needed to continue to fight DAASH….let that be a subtle hint that SECURITY is being taken care of……that it is not the issue it once was…..the issue hasn’t gone away….but it is markedly better than earlier this year.

Integrity issued arrest warrants and bring against a number of former and current officials

Arrest warrants are being generated for former government officials as well as a couple that are currently in office, mostly those that pertain to the electrical arena…the former Minister of Electricity and the current Minister of Electricity….and others… as this list continues to grow….corruption does not pay.

Government cancels work new sales tax as of today

The “government” yeahsureyoubetcha…..the Basra government that is….has cancelled the new level of sales tax and is moving back to the old tax…this comes from a meeting between PM Abadi and Finance Minister Zebari…..admittance that the system wasn’t working….who knows the real reason why.

Sudan: labor law becomes effective 90 days after publication in the Official Gazette

The Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Sudan or Sudanese endorsed the Labor Law today….looking for this law to treat Iraqi citizens better as workers in the areas of salary, health insurance, and equitable hours of work…the law should take affect 90 days after publication in the Iraqi Official Gazette…so another one bites the dust…..get ready for more of these laws to pop free of the long line.

Putin, champion of the Shias

Basically news of old….Putin and Russia getting their feet wet inside of Iraq through their intelligence gathering agreement that was signed last month….Putin is seen in a more positive light than O largely because….IMO….Putin is taking action rather than just sitting idly on the sidelines awaiting things to happen….sad state we find ourselves in right now.

Well it’s time to grab another cup of coffee…..can’t grab a cookie the Cookie Monster is up already I see.   Aloha   Randy