Halabousi to US Secretary of State: keen to form a government away from external influences

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbusi, that the decision to form the next Iraqi national government away from external influences.

“Al-Halbusi received on Wednesday a phone call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who praised his election as Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and expressed his optimism that this step would be an embodiment of the will of the generation,” a statement from his office said. New and important future role in leading the country towards stability and comprehensive development.”

He added that “the communication discussed the overall political and service situation and the continued full support of Iraq economically for the delivery of services to all cities of Iraq, and discussed the role of the international coalition in the war and the efforts to restore security and stability to liberated cities.”

Halabousi valued during the call “the role of the United States in supporting and supporting Iraq during the stage of liberation of the preacher,” referring to “

He added that “Iraq is on an important stage after folding the page of terrorism, which requires the activation of legislation and laws necessary to develop the Iraqi economy and provide investment opportunities and benefit from international expertise in this area.”

Al-Halboussi also stressed his keenness to “be the decision to form the next Iraqi national government away from external influences, and choose a strong government to be able to play its role in the fight against corruption and building state institutions and develop their administrative and economic capabilities to ensure a decent life for all people without discrimination.” Source

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