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Alliance of Forces: Al-Kazemi will present his cabinet in 10 days

The Iraqi Forces Alliance expects that Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi will present his cabinet in 10 days.

The leader of the coalition, Haider al-Mulla, said in a press statement, “There is a national consensus, not only Shiites, but also from various blocs, whether Kurdish or Sunni, to assign Mustafa al-Kazemi.”

He added, “The alliance of forces, as well as the Kurdish blocs, has great convergences with Al-Kazimi at the level of the government program and the curriculum of the ministerial formation.”

He pointed out that there are consultations held by Al-Kazemi with the Shiite political actor.

He explained, that Kazmi may not need to date a month to put up his booth ministerial for the purpose of voting in parliament . Rather may be provided within days. ”

He stressed the need for the government to be supportive of the people in the face of difficult conditions and to address the challenges.

The Prime Minister – designate Mustafa Kazemi, on Sunday, his intention Submit his ministerial cabinet as soon as possible.

And his media office said in a previous statement, “Al-Kazimi continues consultations to form the new government in a positive atmosphere with the cooperation of political blocs and social events, according to the directions announced in his speech.”

He added that “the Prime Minister-designate conducted during the past days a series of meetings and consultations, during which he affirmed his intention to present his government program and to form the new government as soon as possible.” Source