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Parliamentary sources: The blocs help Al-Kazemi to facilitate his mission and his government A mixture of independents and politicians from the second line

In charge of steady steps towards completing the cabinet booth as quickly as possible, Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazimi is progressing, along with aid provided by all political blocs to complete what they agreed to agree to accomplish his mission.

The leaks indicate that the dialogues and stages of completing the cabinet and the government program are not facing obstacles yet, while various political forces have confirmed the completion of Al-Kazemi’s mission within a few days.

The deputy of the Alliance of Raiders Riyad Al-Masoudi said in press statements that “Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazimi is still in the stage of dialogue and discussion with the political blocs regarding the formation of the ministerial cabinet, but the stage of dialogue may not be longer than 3 days.

Al-Masoudi added that “the taxpayer will present his vision and method of forming the government to the political forces and will see the vision of the rest of the heads of the blocs,” suggesting that “the stage of dialogue will end within two to three days.” He ruled out “choosing political ministers in the composition of the new cabinet.”

For his part, the head of the Parliamentary Bloc of Al-Fath, Muhammad al-Ghabban, revealed the formation of an advisory group representing the political blocs to provide assistance and advice to the person in charge of forming the government Mustafa al-Kazemi in studying the names of the cabinet and the government curriculum.

Al-Ghabban said in press statements that “the political blocs agreed to form an advisory team that grants the authority to select the taxpayer in order to accelerate the acquisition of the cabinet cabinet names and study their résumés to ensure the success of the special session and give them confidence and not to repeat what happened with Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi.”

Al-Ghabban added that “Al-Kazemi’s booth will include a mixture of independents and politicians who are not from the first line and have a vision in running the country while observing the criteria of integrity and competence in selection.” Indicating that “the political blocs are keen to give confidence to the Al-Kazemi government before the blessed month of Ramadan, taking into account the situation The current situation and the difficulty of holding a session after this date. ”

Al-Ghabban affirmed, “Agreement with Al-Kazemi to hold elections no later than one year, while creating all appropriate conditions in a manner that guarantees their fairness and transparency.” Source