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Representatives: Putting the final touches on the Al-Kazemi government according to the electoral merit

Representatives confirmed putting the final touches on the cabinet formation of the government in charge of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and that the formation will be presented to parliament next week.

“The Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi has almost finished preparing his cabinet and his government program, and he will present them to vote in the coming days, and the matter may be decided next week as a maximum,” said Parliament member Sitaran Al-Ajibi in a press statement.

He added, “The negotiations are taking place in full swing to end Al-Kazemi’s ministerial formation, despite the fact that matters have not yet been resolved, and consultations on names are still being presented to Parliament in a session called by the Presidency.”

He stressed, “There is no permanence in Parliament, and the deputies are waiting for the formation of the government in order to hold an emergency session,” noting that “Parliament did not start its legislative term yet, which should have started last March, and because of the health conditions and the spread of the Corona epidemic, the legislative term was postponed.” .

While the independent deputy Nada Shaker Jawdat said, “The dialogues are going on between the political blocs and the team of the Prime Minister in charge of completing the ministerial cabinet and submitting it to a session of granting confidence in Parliament,” noting that “the dialogues reached a clear path according to the electoral merit of the political blocs.”

She added, “Although consultations are ongoing and the electoral benefits are present in the dialogues, the announcement of the names of the personalities nominated for the ministerial portfolios is still kept confidential or reserved until they are finally finalized.”

She pointed out that “the final touches are being put on the ministerial formation to present it to the political blocs, and then hold a session of granting confidence to the government”, noting that “the political blocs should accelerate the formation of the government and give it confidence to face challenges, especially economic ones, because they represent the main nerve of the state” .

Jawdat indicated, “The formation of the government and giving it confidence will give it full powers to draw a set of plans in all fields, including finding rapid economic plans to prevent the deterioration in oil prices, and finding alternatives to support the resources of state institutions.”

She stressed that “the formation of the government will be accompanied by the presentation of the government program, and the representatives will vote on it with the ministerial formation at the same time,” pointing out that “the Prime Minister-designate must take into account the demands of the demonstrators in the government program, which is a road map for the government in its work, especially preparing for early elections.” Source