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Deputy: Al-Amiri’s house meeting gave Al-Kazemi the green light to pass his government

Member of Parliament Nada Shaker Jawdat affirmed on Thursday that the meeting of the main political forces in the house of the head of the Al-Fath Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, gave the green light to pass the Al-Kazemi government, despite the lack of clarity in the vision of the Kurdish and Sunni components.

Jawdat said in a press statement, that “the meeting of the Shiite political forces at Al-Amri’s house yesterday evening came to agree on the list of Al-Kazemi’s candidates for his cabinet, despite the absence of victory and wisdom,” noting that “the coming hours will explain the reasons for not attending.”

She added, “The lack of disclosure of my name and the Ministers of Interior and Defense is still a matter of contention between the Shiite component on the one hand and the Sunni component on the other hand,” noting that “Al-Kazemi insists that the two components do not interfere by naming the two ministers on the one hand.”

Jawdat pointed out that “no clear Sunni and Kurdish positions have been issued regarding the names of the leaked ministers until now,” stressing that “the two positions will be clear soon, and therefore we can resolve the issue of passing the Al-Kazemi government.” Source