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Al-Kazemi agreed with the blocs to hold the voting session next Thursday

Member of Parliament Nada Shaker Jawdat confirmed that the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi will request a session to vote next Thursday, noting that the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi agreed on this with most political forces.

Jawdat said in a press statement, “An agreement was reached between Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi with most political blocs to set next Thursday as a final and decisive date for the session to pass the new government.”

She added that “Al-Kazemi decided to resolve the defense and the interior episodes in agreement with the political blocs, and he will present his entire cabinet without incomplete”, indicating that “changes may occur in some ministries during the days that precede the date of the voting session.”

The deputy of the Sadikoun parliamentary bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed that Al-Kazemi has come a long way in his negotiations with all political blocs on forming a government that is on the threshold of holding the voting session. Source