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Parliamentary Finance proposes 5 steps to alleviate the current crisis

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee Jamal Cougar, on Tuesday, presented 5 steps to alleviate the financial crisis in the country.

Cougar said in a press interview, “Iraq is going through a stifling financial crisis, and this is something that two cannot disagree on, stressing that there are 5 important steps that must be adopted to alleviate the crisis that created multiple factors, most notably the collapse of world oil prices.”

Cougar added, “The steps that must be adopted are an attempt to postpone the payment of loans to be paid in relation to Iraq and to fight aliens and fake names as a national and moral duty and to end the file of multi-salaries and their numbers are not few and up to tens of thousands in addition to fighting financial and administrative corruption and ending the file of control of influential groups on border crossings ”

Cougar pointed out that “the financial crisis cannot be overcome without firm solutions and decisions that address all negative problems in order to ensure financial liquidity to secure salaries and the rest of government expenditures.”

Iraq suffers from a stifling financial crisis that began to cast its shadows on many files, especially salaries, especially with the collapse of international oil prices, which secure the country’s treasury by about 90% of its financial revenues annually. Source