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A member of Parliamentary Finance talks about a “major breakthrough” in the Iraqi financial crisis

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad Mazhar Al-Jubouri confirmed on Wednesday that there is a major breakthrough in the financial crisis in Iraq.

Al-Jubouri said that “oil prices have started to rise gradually and this is a positive thing that contributes to supporting solutions to the financial crisis in the country in addition to that there is seriousness on the ground in maximizing local revenues, whether from customs or outlets or communications through coordination committees between ministries and specialized institutions and between the central government.”

He added, “The file of communications and dealing with its negative and breaches is very important to achieve significant revenues to the state budget.” He pointed out that “reconsidering all measures arrested to maximize state revenues constitutes a major breakthrough that will directly support the file of solving the financial crisis in Iraq and reduces the frameworks of dependence on the sale of Oil as a primary budget resource.”

The Ministry of Communications had launched a process of trauma in tracking down the smuggling of Internet capacities in the governorates, including Diyala, in the past days as part of its efforts to maximize financial revenues to. Source