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The Central Bank denies the existence of money laundering operations in Iraq

The Central Bank of Iraq denied, on Saturday, the existence of money laundering operations in Iraq.

The Director General of the Accounting Department at the Central Bank, Ihssan Shamran, said, according to government media, that “there are no systematic money laundering operations, and there are no markets specialized in this matter as well,” pointing out that “any practices in this regard, and if any, are limited.”

Shamran added, “There are media organizations that want to harm the Iraqi economy, the reputation of regulatory institutions, and keep investors away by creating the impression that the security of transactions, institutions and funds is weak so that they avoid dealing with Iraqi institutions and the Iraqi economy.”

He called for “the necessity to respond to such allegations aimed at discrediting the Iraqi economic establishment,” noting that “cases of money laundering are widely spread in the countries neighboring Iraq.” Source