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Parliamentary Finance determines the amount of the borrowing law .. How much is it?

A member of Parliament has identified the amount specified in the law for borrowing, while noting that it is necessary to agree with the government to approve the borrowing law.

Committee member Sherwan Mirza said, “Approval of the bill depends on agreement with the government regarding the exact amount for borrowing in the law,” indicating that “the law may be approved next week.”

He added, “After the second reading, we take the notes and meet with stakeholders in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, to determine the amount,” stressing, “The council refused to approve the amount of 41 trillion Iraqi dinars specified by law.

He pointed out that “the most correct opinion in the Finance Committee is that the amount be between 10 to 15 trillion dinars, and the maximum is 20 trillion, in order to cover the necessary salaries and expenditures, and unnecessary expenditures are included in the draft budget law for 2021.” Source