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Parliamentary Finance: The loan will enable the government to pay salaries for the remaining three months of 2020

The Parliamentary Finance Committee headed by Haitham Al-Jubouri and the attendance of the committee members held a meeting today, Wednesday, in which it completed its discussions on the financing of the fiscal deficit law due to the delay of the government in sending the Federal Budget Law for 2020 and the continued decline in crude oil prices, in a manner that guarantees the continuation of financing the salaries of employees and retirees and the social welfare network.

During the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Finance Committee, and part of it was attended by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Bashir Haddad, the committee completed its discussions on the law after making amendments that oblige the government to make effective reforms to avoid the country such stifling economic crises, as well as not relying on the continuous borrowing policy and burdening the state with debts .

“The loan will enable the government to pay the salaries of employees for the remaining three months of the year 2020, as well as allocate part of the loan for investment projects and the development of regions and governorates, provided that they are distributed fairly among the governorates according to the population ratios and the degree of deprivation in them,” said Haytham Al-Jubouri, head of the Finance Committee.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee identified part of the loan to support the agricultural sector and provide the farmers with the fertilizers, seeds and pesticides that the farmer needs in order to reach self-sufficiency, in addition to requiring the government to automate customs, approve the biometric card for employees and cancel customs tax exemptions except those issued by the investment law and obligate mobile phone companies to pay what It has to pay sums, fines, and levies on services in order to maximize non-oil revenues and supplement the general budget with them.

In conclusion, the Finance Committee voted on the reform clauses added to the law and submitted it to a vote under the dome of the House of Representatives. Source