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The International Coalition: We have reduced the number of our soldiers, and the Iraqi forces no longer need training

A commander in the international coalition confirmed, on Saturday, the reduction of the number of its soldiers in Iraq, and while noting that the Iraqi forces no longer need training, he indicated that the mission of NATO forces is to provide advice.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Task Force for Strategic Affairs of the International Coalition, Major General Kevin Katsi, said, “The terrorist gangs of ISIS have reached their final stages and the Iraqi forces have succeeded in dismantling them,” indicating that “Iraqi forces killed and arrested many ISIS terrorist leaders.”

He added, “We are working with the Iraqi security forces to dismantle the financial network of ISIS,” explaining that “the armed groups that carry out missile attacks pose a threat to Iraq.”

He pointed out, “The government and security forces deal with missile attacks carried out by armed groups and are committed to supporting Iraqi forces in confronting missile attacks against diplomatic missions.”

He continued, “We have reduced the number of our forces at the request of the Iraqi government and are coordinating with the Joint Operations Command and with the Peshmerga forces to confront the remnants of ISIS.”

And he went on to say: – NATO forces provide advice to the Iraqi security forces, pointing out that “ISIS gangs exploit the difficult terrain to target civilians and the Iraqi forces are able to deal with them.”

Regarding the sorties, he explained, “Any sortie for our planes is only done with the approval of the government. Iraqi air forces and sorties are not limited to us, but there are many tasks that Iraqi aircraft and the army’s aviation

carry out. ”He added:“ Iraqi forces are able to carry out large-scale security operations without the aid of air strikes, and the Iraqi forces no longer need training because they are at a level of sufficient professionalism.

” “The intelligence cooperation has become bigger and wider after the changes that the Prime Minister made to the security leaderships.”

He concluded: “We rely on the intelligence information provided by the Iraqi security leaders and the change in security leaders leads to higher operations in detecting missile attacks,” stressing that “most of the attacks on the columns target equipment provided to the Iraqi forces and not to the coalition.”

And he considered, “The operations against the international coalition columns are a threat to the security of Iraq and the lives of civilians.”