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Iraq produced for the first time [nitrogen] gas and liquid


Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji announced a trial run for the production of nitrogen gas and liquid quality of public company for Petrochemical Industries and Card 2500 cubic meters of gas per hour and 50 cubic meters of liquid in collaboration with Lynda German.

He said Darraji in a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “this project is the largest for the production of gas and liquid nitrogen in Iraq, which is an important and strategic projects, as will be running the company’s factories, as well as the Oil Ministry is equipped with liquid nitrogen to plants and fields and the Oil Ministry”. 

Darraji He pointed to” the importance of this article in the unit and the coefficient of the company, and also is considered a catalyst for the production of plastic granules in a high-density and Oati density manufacturers, “noting that” the substance is also used to protect equipment from corrosion, “adding that” the project will contribute to the increase Financial revenue for the company by marketing this article to different sectors of the state.

“He called on Minister” institutions and ministries of state all the industry to take advantage of the possibilities available to the Al-Mansour, one of the Ministry of Industry companies in the production of solar panels and medical gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and Alarcon, drinking water and water Allaione industrial uses”.

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