Abadi: the extension of the life of parliament is contrary to the Constitution and the government did not fail in the elections [expanded]

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, extended the life of the House of Representatives “contrary to the Constitution,” asserting that “the government did not fail in the elections and its mission ended by securing the polling day.”

“The lives and safety of our citizens is our mission,” Abadi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday, warning that “the media and social communication not to publish any news for the safety of the kidnappers of Karbala,” noting that “the terrorists used the night and the rugged mountains in the kidnapping on the road to Baghdad and Kirkuk The area is difficult and full of explosive devices and mines.”

He pointed out that “the holding of two security meetings recently to meet this challenge by terrorism,” noting that “the terrorists have no mercy in their hearts and deal with them difficult,” stressing “to save them and eliminate them and bring them to justice.”

“We do not want to hope so much because we are dealing with terrorist murderers,” he said.

“We discussed the border situation with Turkey and its recent escalation in the northern mountain of Qandil, which is located in a difficult border area, and we are looking for the redeployment of our border forces,” he said. Iraqi authority and sovereignty is important. ”

“There is a series of attacks that take place once, including security violations and electoral violations and sometimes sound bombs and once amplify the crimes and once promoted and intimidation and dissemination of lies,” adding that “we will not allow the vassals to kill, smuggling and kidnapping.”

He stressed that “the insistence on inviting political blocs to the national meeting,” adding that “the government is working with all its powers and continue to the last day of its mandate and duty to protect citizens, and we will work to communicate and coordination with non-OPEC countries to prevent any decline in oil prices.”

He added that “the directors of education in the provinces, unfortunately, are subject to quotas and therefore leaks to the questions of the exam, and they are divided at night to some districts, there is a leak to the questions,” noting that “there is follow-up to the subject and try to use modern techniques to evaluate the student process and prevent violation of leakage of questions, ministerial examinations in the hands of the federal government and not in the provinces.”

He said that “the diversion was behind an organized group and not the money, and published it in a quick and wide way no one could control.”

On the Electoral Commission and the extension of the life of parliament, Abadi said that “the Electoral Commission came with a quota of excellence, the government is not a reason for the failure of the election and its mission ended with the security of polling day,” they “extended the life of parliament contrary to the Constitution in accordance with the decision of the Federal Court.”

However, “the House of Representatives is part of the violations of the choice of this commission, as well as the Electoral Commission bear part of the crisis because of the lack of electronic polling devices.” Source

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