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National Alliance calls for rapid vote on the 2016 budget


National Alliance discussed the position of the general budget for 2016, calling to speed up voting on them. According to a statement of the National Alliance that “Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance, chaired a meeting of the Political Commission of the National Alliance in the presence of representatives of the affiliated blocs under its banner all, where ensure agenda of the meeting to discuss developments in the security situation, and the political, economic, and the position of the National Alliance of the 2016 budget, as well as evaluation of the external relations of Iraq.”

The statement pointed out that “the political body praised the efforts of national political forces in the promotion of national unity, and lay the foundations of stability, and maintain the unity of the class.” He added that “the political body listened to explain al-Jaafari on foreign relations strategy, and continuing to seek to strengthen bilateral relations with various countries of the world, and activating the common interests and face common dangers, and not to access the policy of axes, regional and intersections, and international, and the preservation of dealing balanced all the cases, as have been international meetings held recently addressed, and Iraq’s position toward the Syrian situation, the constant emphasis on the fight against terrorism in Syria is no longer a matter only Syria in particular that the phenomenon of terrorism today has spread, and took a global character requires parking the world together and to fight it, and to prevent its spread.”

And that “Coalition discuss the development of events on the battlefield against Daash gangs terrorist in a pivotal Makhoul and Anbar, and remarkable progress in many of the themes, and the importance of strengthening the victories, and support for the armed forces, the popular crowd, and clans; to eliminate terrorists Daash”. The statement concluded that “the political body of the National Alliance recommended the need to speed up the vote on the 2016 budget after the termination of the serious discussions on the subject of the fiscal deficit, and rationalizing, and reducing its expenditures is necessary, and to emphasize the importance of the approach of the initial estimate of the general budget with the actual expense.

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