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Calls for a large demonstration in all provinces on Friday 25 October

Demonstrators in Baghdad and the provinces plan to hold a large demonstration on Friday, 25 October, to continue to demand legitimate rights, fight corruption and hold accountable spoilers.

Issued activists important points for these demonstrations , including
1 – raising images of Imam Hussein , peace be upon him , and the banner of Ya Hussein , being a symbol of the revolution

2. raise the Iraqi flag
3. Each graduate wearing the uniform of his profession
4. Each craftsman wearing the uniform of his craft
5. Our demands raised means media formerly the first of toppling the government
6. There are no leadership for the demonstrations is the leader of the people are the same
7- present the absent knows the date of demonstrations
8. all the provinces in their regions … and all areas of Baghdad , heading to Tahrir Square on 25/10
9. repeat our demands , we announced the first of previously reported claim the homeland
10. is not allowed for any point of partisan or political revolution ride
11. taking caution and caution and follow Olaimat safety of tear bombs and firing live and other instructions that we’ve noted previously reported. Source