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Abdul Mahdi Office: Closing the nomination for the post of Minister and the selection of 601 of the more than 15 thousand completed applications

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced on Thursday that more than 600 requests from more than 15,000 applications had been accepted through the electronic portal to run for the post of minister.

The office said in a statement received by “Al-Ghad Press” a copy of it, that ” the electronic portal was closed on schedule at exactly four o’clock on the afternoon of Thursday, October 11, 2018.”

The number of candidates has reached (17188) by 12%, and the number of candidates with a master’s degree (2200) (15%) and males (85%) while the percentage of independent candidates was (96%).

The statement pointed out that the current procedures and the following are the “completed electronic sorting and exclusion of applications that do not meet the legal and technical conditions, including: (age, number of subordinates, specialization, etc.).

“The Committee of Experts began studying the applications (601) to determine the best candidates to be invited to the interviews,” pointing out that “the next steps include direct interviews with the team and the examination of qualifications, including: (validity of certificates and others), and then conduct direct interviews of the distinguished with Prime Minister-designate“. Source