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Tamimi denies a statement attributed to her on the sale of the Iraqi currency to Iranian visitors

The deputy of the coalition of Suron Majida al-Tamimi, denied Tuesday, a statement attributed to her on the sale of the Iraqi currency to Iranian visitors.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by “Al-Ghad Press” a copy of it, that “once again overlooking us the liars and Almtbalon owners paid pens who do not hope for this country and its good people good, and this time in another way and a twist is not free from the poor and inferior, but we are on our own with the sons Our people are realistic and clear, we hope for the truth wherever they are, and do not take us into it for a good night. “

She added that “what is circulated by the media and paid social networking pages distorted the news came about (the Central Bank of Iran sets the sale points of 10 thousand Iraqi dinars for each visitor in Iraqi cities, that the Iranian visitor buys the amount from his own account), and the story was linked to MP Magda Tamimi And this is a disgrace for health, which we deny in toto. ”

Tamimi said, “It will sue any sites attributed to fabricated statements and will deal firmly with the promoters of these lies.”

“We refer to the accuracy of the publication of news from our official page exclusively and we are not responsible for the statements not published on this page, our goal will always be and always is the detection of spoilers and protection of public money and cheap methods will not prevent us from pursuing the corrupt.”

Media and groups involved in the public opinion industry called on the media to “adopt the official data issued”. Source