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Iraq and Kuwait agree to build and equip 73 schools in Baghdad and the provinces

The Ministry of Education announced on Sunday the agreement with Kuwait to build and equip 73 schools in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Ministry of Education, represented by a high-level delegation headed by Eng. Hassanein Fadel Maala, Director-General of Vocational Education and Head of the Project Management Team of Kuwait Loan, and Walid Al-Bahr, Director of Operations Department at the Fund, Kuwaiti. ”

According to the statement, “there is joint cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait to establish and equip (73) schools distributed in Baghdad and the provinces of Iraq and the amount of (80) million dollars.”

He added that “the project aims to support economic and social development in Iraq by raising the educational and vocational level of students in the primary and secondary levels, and contribute to reduce the phenomenon of the dual system, which leads to school dropout. Source