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Tamimi: Budget sent to parliament “deaf” There is agreement on the formation of a committee to complete

Confirmed the MP for the coalition of Majid Majid al-Tamimi, on Wednesday, that the budget sent to parliament, “deaf”, pointing out that there is agreement on the formation of a committee to complete them according to a fixed time frame.

Al-Tamimi told al-Ghad Press that the budget does not have a real deficit, but rather the problem of mismanagement of public funds. “The parliament voted on a ministerial platform, but the budget came according to the vision of the previous government.”

She added that “hidden revenues do not appear in the budget, including state property, half of which do not have a database, in addition to the smuggling of oil and others,” asserting that “the budget sent to the House of Representatives is a map of deaf paragraphs only and did not include any tables.”

She pointed out that “the latest agreement between the blocks is the formation of a financial committee of specialists, with the executive authority to complete their work within a two-week time limit and signed by the Prime Minister so as not to be challenged later.” Source