Iraq: Abadi and his wife detained

An Iraqi military force raided the home of former Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi in the Green Zone in central Baghdad on Sunday, closing his doors with locks and holding him and his wife inside for more than an hour.

A member of the al-Nasr coalition, led by Abadi, Ali al-Sunaid, said during a press statement that the raid force of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s office returned hours after her departure and informed Abadi and his wife that they should “vacate the house.”¬†After that, she transferred them to the “Palace of Sinbad” and spent the night there, Abadi obeyed the order and went out with a small bag in his hand with his wife.

Al-Sunaid said that the military force assured Abadi not to worry about his release and that he would not be exposed to his life and personal security, pointing out that Abadi’s wife was in a bad psychological state and asked to leave Iraq immediately. However, the former Iraqi prime minister was consistent and said one sentence ” “He said.

Al-Sunaid pointed out that the raid was carried out because the house that was intended for him was for housing only, but he used it as a venue for political meetings. Source