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Parliament speaker unveils agenda for Saturday session

The decision of the House of Representatives, Deputy Khadija Ali, on the agenda of the parliament session scheduled for Saturday.

Ali said in a press statement that “Saturday’s session will include a vote on the candidates of the ministers of defense and interior and justice and justice and the heads of parliamentary committees and the Standing Committee and its rapporteurs,” pointing out that “my allies continue and Fatah completed during the first legislative term of their negotiations on resolving the names of ministers and standing committees.”

She pointed out that “the decision of the Presidency of Parliament moved the sessions of Parliament from the Palais des Congrès, called for the postponement of the first meeting in the second legislative term to the next Saturday, where the presidency had identified earlier on the fifth of March this month, Tuesday, Second legislative term“.

“There is no problem with the transfer of meetings to the Allawi district of Hilla, especially since there are maintenance and restoration works in the Palace of Conferences where regular meetings are held,” she added.

Ali explained that “the parliament will hold more than one session in the building of the National Council and therefore stay in this place or return to the Palace of conferences will be determined by the coming days.”