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Deputy: the financial file in Iraq is very dangerous

The head of the Irada Parliamentary Bloc, Hussein Arab, confirmed on Sunday that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, before a major crisis, indicated that the financial file witnessed in the country is very dangerous.

Arabs said in a press statement followed by Al-Ahd News, that “there is a Kurdish Kurdish dispute and individual dialogues conducted by Kurdish parties with Baghdad, and that this division is one of the obstacles that complicate solutions”, indicating that “the current problems between Baghdad and Erbil are cumulative problems and every government It deports it to the next government, and it needs serious and radical solutions, in order to get rid of previous obstacles and outstanding problems. ”

He added, “Al-Kazemi faces a major crisis, and that the financial file is very dangerous, and that the solutions also need concessions by the Kurdish parties. As for adhering to the demands, we will not reach us with solutions,” adding that “a number of outstanding issues will be carried over until after the next elections.” Source