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The Sadrists promise to announce the “big block” soon

Announced the Sadrist movement in Iraq, that the largest bloc that will be charged with forming the government will be announced soon.

Hours after the announcement of an alliance between the coalition «victory», led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, and ranked third in the parliamentary elections, and the coalition «Sauron» led by Muqtada al-Sadr, which was ranked first.

The spokesman for the current Jaafar al-Moussawi said in a statement that «all previous agreements announced and valid and window, and completed by the step of the alliance victory and others. “The doors open to those who believe in reform, and will be announced the largest bloc soon to form the next government.”

For his part, said the coalition victory that his alliance with «Suron» culminated in the dialogues and endeavors and deep understandings, expressing the hope that the coalition is a solid nucleus of the largest bloc within the parliament. The coalition spokesman Hussain al-Adly said in a statement that the alliance between Al-Nasr and Suron was agreed on the parameters and foundations of the next phase, pointing out that openness and dialogue exists with all blocs to crystallize the final formulations of the foundations and structures of the political stage, including the management of the state files.

On the other hand, the parliamentary fact-finding committee considered the problem to investigate the violations of the elections that the continuation of parliament’s work until the ratification of the results of the election is “completely different” from the extension of its work, stressing that it will not allow those who bet »the end of the life of parliament to falsify the results of counting and sorting by hand.

The Chairman of the Committee, MP Adel Nuri said yesterday that «the House of Representatives was in front of three options, what is happening on the political arena are: either accept the status quo and yield to the pressures of counterfeiters and manipulation, or the extension of the work of the House of Representatives, or the continuation of the work of the Council until the end of counting and sorting and the ratification of the results» . Nuri added that «the House of Representatives went on to continue its work until the ratification of the results, which is permissible and differs from the extension and its goal to maintain the integrity of manual counting and counting and ensure transparency and oversight of the work of independent bodies and the government».

Iraqi Human Rights Watch said Iraqi army soldiers arbitrarily banned a group of displaced families at two checkpoints in Anbar province from returning home, in what appeared to be “collective punishment.” Source