Baghdad is preparing for large celebrations .. days on the Declaration of full liberation

A senior official in the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers revealed on Sunday the start of large preparations in Baghdad  and other cities and provinces of the country for large celebrations under the auspices of the government, on the occasion of the liberation of all Iraqi territory from the control of the organization, “Daash” terrorist, after 43 months of fierce fighting with the support of the coalition international led byWashington.

This comes with the achievement of Iraqi forces made clear progress in the western and southern axis of the city of Rawa on the Euphrates River, the last strongholds of the organization, “Daash” in Iraq, where the Iraqi military general, through the “New Arab”, the liberation of Iraqi forces areas of Al Khor, The city of Rawa, and reach the outskirts of Corniche Street in the city on the right shoulder of the Euphrates River.

The Iraqi government, according to the Iraqi official, prepared preparations for large celebrations in which Baghdad will be the center, as well as the rest of the provinces, on the occasion of the liberation of all Iraqi cities, in a move carrying political messages in favor of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, 2014 as prime minister in less than half of Iraq, after the control of the organization in the last period of the rule of Nuri al-Maliki on the provinces of northern and western Iraq and part of the middle, and besieged Baghdad from two axes to storm.

According to the same official, a review of the army and other armed groups, including the popular and clan forces, may be organized.

The invasion of Iraq by the middle of 2014 resulted in the killing of some 200,000 Iraqi civilians as a result of military operations, crimes committed by the organization and militias against the civilian population, as well as financial losses exceeding $ 100 billion, according to the Iraqi prime minister. Iraq, including 10 large cities, such as Mosul, Tikrit, Falluja, Ramadi and Hit, while the fate of thousands of abductees remains unknown so far. More than 11,000 people have been kidnapped by the Da’ash organization and the militia.

Meanwhile, Colonel Mohammed Abdul Rahman, commander of the Badia and Al Jazeera operations, told the “New Arab” that “the Iraqi forces may need between two to three days to liberate the city of Rawa.”
He added that “the city has no more than 300 gunmen from Calling, but there are families holding them and try to achieve a clean liberation of the city, “as he described.

“The liberation of Rawa means an end to the occupation of Iraqi cities, but there are areas in the desert to be sure we are there, so there will be a large campaign of the army after that in conjunction with the campaign to close the border, which will be linked to the ongoing battles in the Syrian city of Albuqmal.

In the same context, the Iraqi authorities announced the death of an Iraqi helicopter crew crashed in southern Iraq as a result of a technical malfunction. A statement from the Iraqi media information that a Mi-17 helicopter fell during a training mission in the province of Wasit in southern Iraq, killing seven crew , Including three officers, a training teacher and the Taliban.


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