Lots of RV Questions: Hi All  I’m Alex and new to the group …. I’ve got a lot to say and I hope I get responses…

I recently became aware of the whole Iraq and the Dinar RV thingy…and honestly I hadn’t heard a thing about this till a friend told me…Yes I have done a lot of research online and yes I have read a lot and yes I know previously that Iraq had a strong dollar and now its worthless…

So as you do I researched it online…and yes I saw the scams and how its all bull and don’t waste your time…blah blah…yes fair enuf and I should just walk away and just say forget it pal you’ve been scammed……OK it is currency and its not like you totally lose…you can just cash back in and almost break even…

So after all that reading and research I said what the hey and…ok I bought some Dinar…Just in case…But how do we really know this isn’t just something that will never happen…

I’m new to this and am just asking questions…so please don’t get offended….and NO I’m NOT religious so please don’t say god will save me and things like that cause its not about that…its about a potential RV…

I just don’t get that if I have a million dinar purchased for nothing practically and if it RV’s the bank will say here ya go heres your million dollars give or take … and for example someone said Donald Trump bought a 100 million Dinar…and the rest…

so are you trying to tell me that they the mint will just print more money and go here ya go Alex here ya go Donald heres your 100 million dollars just like THAT?….live your life in luxury…???

I’m sure there are ALOT of people that have bought Dinar hoping it RV’s wheres all the money coming from….? I have legit 25,000 dinar bills totaling almost a million Dinar…So if it RV’s the bank will just cash it in for a million give or take fees etc…

Iraq is still pretty unstable…Yes I know they have rich gas and oil fields and such …but some of you have sat on the dinar for 10 plus years, whats to say its going to be another 10 and another 10?

I also have in my possession a 5 billion dollar note from Zimbabwe…ok that country is pretty bad but if the Zimbabwe dollar RV’s I now have a BILLION dollars? come on guys that’s crazy…I doubt that very much     So can you all please enlighten me….

Undeadmarina:    Re: Lots of RV Questions:    yes im agreed with alex still new here and my curiosity also the all the Big Gurus,is it possible if we directly make exchange of our dinar(let say) once the iraq rv’ed them..? #kidshope

Alex1:   I cannot believe no one has responded it doesn’t give me any confidence that anyone is positive about a DINAR RV at all…I would have assumes hundreds of people would have responded with all sorts of info…sheesh

Undeadmarina:   Re: Lots of RV Questions:    chill bro..just put some faith in them..although theres no responded(hope as much as you) but i can see that few gurus( mwhite,rcookie n etc.)were giving as best info as they can to keep us updated (n till now im amazed of how they can obtained that much of info)..i still believed in them and the rest put your trust to your god n them(relevant party)..see ya

Kblp:     Re: Lots of RV Questions:    I’m not surprised at all that you haven’t gotten any responses. Your questions indicate you’re a thinker. There are no reasonable pro-RV responses to the question you’re asking…which is why you haven’t received any.

Now you’ll get plenty of responses if you ask the right questions in the right place but, the key word here is “reasonable” and it gets totally ignored when it comes to pro-RV responses.

Look, if you want to hear “it’s all great”, “not a scam”, “everything’s moving at light speed”, blah blah blah, then just hang out here. But, if you want real answere you’re going to have to dig them up yourself. I’ve posted several sites that can help you do that or, Google yourself. It won’t take long if your eyes are open.   Good luck

Alex1:  Re: Lots of RV Questions:  sweet thanx mate

Merealtycentral:   Re: Lots of RV Questions:   I absolutely love (and miss) the weekly discussions, Round table, etc. Now it seems that they are every other week or so. Is that because of the problems with the computers, phones, etc or will that be the norm now?

​merealtycentral:  Re: Lots of RV Questions: Thanks KBLP, I truly appreciate your help and response. I guess you’re right. I have deleted some of my more complicated questions because it doesn’t look good to leave unanswered questions out there.

Love the recorded chats the most as I listen to them multiple times while I drive until I have a good understanding of the context. But, with those becoming more like a rarity I am searching for other sources that are credible. (That is quite a challenge after having found DU) Many blessings to you and yours. Don

merealtycentral:  Re: Lots of RV Questions:   Thanks undeadmarina, I do have a lot of trust in these guys, Mush more in God but that’s just me. I do miss RCookie, but the others are good too.

Wish they still did the weekly recordings, I looked forward to hearing them and would listen to them over and over till I understood all they were saying. But those days appear to be gone. Still read as often as I can. At least an hour a day. But, not as good as when I could have both. Blessings to you and yours!

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