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Baghdad sends 317 billion dinars to the region

The Minister of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government (RBIZ) said on Monday that the amount of 317 billion dinars from Baghdad to Erbil.

“The Minister of Finance announced during a meeting with a delegation of the Union of Teachers of Kurdistan with the Minister of Finance for the arrival of 317 billion dinars from Baghdad to Erbil, and there remains only a matter of disbursement amount.”

He added that “the Minister of Finance promised that after the 20th of this month will be announced the second list of salaries will be the first ministries that receive salaries of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research.”

According to an official of the Union of Teachers of Kurdistan, the lambs also revealed during the meeting, that the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, will be in the next month and after the Ministry of Peshmerga distribution of salaries of the Ministry of Education. Source