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The government promises to provide safe drinking water in Basra after two months

The head of the ministerial committee in charge of improving the service situation in the province of Basra announced the intensification of contacts with specialized companies to process urgent orders for stations for the liquidation and supply of potable water, including mobile and commercial stations, as well as receiving a number of offers to implement urgent service projects for the people of the province.

The head of the ministerial committee in charge of oil minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said in a statement to the media cell of the government received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “and through his meetings and intensive contacts is working to encourage international specialized companies to accelerate the contracting with the concerned parties away from bureaucracy and routine and instructions and corruption and bargaining and conflict And the political intersections and narrow interests that have blocked many service projects urgent for the people of the province over the past years.

He stressed “all concerned concerned the need to leave the methods and mechanisms sterile and backward, and put the interest of the homeland and the citizen above all considerations.”

“A number of specialized companies have indicated their readiness to set up mobile and mobile water treatment plants in the province of Basra, with a record period of no more than two months, during which they provide large quantities of potable water.”

“All this will be presented to the Council of Ministers to take the necessary decisions in order to expedite the implementation of these vital and necessary projects in the short period to come.”

The head of the ministerial committee that “one of the Kuwaiti companies have initiated pumping large quantities of drinking water per day to the province of Basra until the installation of new water purification units in a number of districts and districts and villages of the province of Basra, praising the initiative of brothers in promoting bilateral relations.

“The committee is working to address the necessary and urgent needs to maintain through realistic solutions that are among the priorities that aim at upgrading the services provided to the people of the province,” concluded Allaibi. Source