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URGENT The government sends a new batch of salaries to the Kurdistan region

The spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, the federal government continues to release part of the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, denying the existence of any secret agreements with the provincial government.

Al-Hadithi said in a press statement that, “the mechanism adopted by the federal government on the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, is to pay part of the amount necessary to cover the salaries of employees of the region so that the staff receive their salaries in full and undervalued and unencumbered, and the other part of the revenue from the sale of oil Of the fields located in the province and go to the provincial government.”

Al-Hadithi said that the province currently “sells oil for its benefit and is not subject to the authority of the federal government,” adding that “the amounts achieved from the sale of oil to the region, in addition to the amount sent by the federal government covers the salaries of employees of the region as full as the case of employees in the federal government, “The federal government continues to send part of the salaries and this mechanism is regular and regular and will be sent another amount from Baghdad.”

With regard to the reasons for the disbursement of the provincial government to salaries of its employees according to the savings system, stressed that the modern “if the region committed to the part of his and that the proceeds of the sale of oil do not go to the treasury of the federal state, but go to the territorial government, and part of this amount and the total amount sent from Baghdad enough to pay the salaries in full, was paid salaries without saving.”

In response to a question on the date of sending the new batch by Baghdad, Hadithi said that this “part of the technical procedures determined by technical committees, and there is a mechanism to release this amount regularly and periodically,” denying at the same time the existence of any secret agreement between the federal government and the provincial government, The agreement is only in the form mentioned above. ”

“Had the provincial government received oil revenues from the fields under its control, estimated at 300 thousand barrels of oil per day, to the federal government, or the federal government to export these quantities directly would have been obliged to {federal government} to allocate the full amount of salaries of employees Territory, but the provincial government does not do this in practice and it must fulfill its obligations to the citizens of the province and staff, to ensure the payment of salaries of employees in full.” Source