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URGENT Abadi visits Basra at the head of a ministerial delegation

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi intends to visit the province of Basra during the coming period with ministers and a meeting with the local government.

The MP for Basra, Faleh al-Khazali, said in a press statement that Abadi agreed in principle to attend Basra after the deputies of the province during their meeting with him on Tuesday a request without specifying a date for his arrival.

He added that “among the claims made by the deputies of Basra to Abadi is the dismissal of security leaders and the accountability of the defaulters and those involved in the killing of a number of demonstrators and send a commission of inquiry to see what is happening in the province.”

He pointed out that “all those who were killed during the demonstrations is considered a martyr according to Law No. 57 of 2015 as victims of terrorist operations and military errors,” noting that “yesterday’s meeting with Abadi set a time limit for the implementation of some of the issues demanded by the demonstrators.”

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi held on Tuesday evening, an emergency meeting with a number of members of the House of Representatives of the province of Basra in the presence of Governor Asaad Eidani against the backdrop of the demonstrations and dozens of casualties by fire security forces.

The Prime Minister announced Tuesday that the government of Basra has been given powers and exceptions to deal with the current situation.

Yesterday, Basra witnessed an angry demonstration which resulted in 6 casualties, in addition to 68 wounded, including 27 security associates and the burning of the building of the governorate court. Source