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The National Party announces Sunday its candidate for the presidency .. And the Democrat responds: the position for us

The PUK stressed its commitment to be the post of President of the Republic of his share.

He implicitly denied reports on resolving this issue in the party’s consultations with the other Kurdish PDP.

The spokesman of the National Union member of the Political Bureau Saadi Ahmed Bira in a press statement that the leadership of the party stressed in its meeting last Wednesday that the post of President of the Republic “will remain the share of the Union under the electoral benefits and political understandings among the major poles concerned.”

Bira added that “the joint committee charged with sharing administrative positions between the two main parties in the region continues consultations in this regard, but the issue of the presidency is settled in our favor under the electoral benefits and the strategic agreement between us and the Kurdistan Democratic Party for years, which stipulates that the post of President of the Republic of Share of the National Union against the presidency of the region of the Democratic Party. ”

He said that the head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, from his post, “does not change the content of the agreement, which is still in force between the two parties, especially as the powers of the President of the region has gone mostly to the head of the regional government Vice President of the Democratic Party,” Nechirvan Barzani.

It is noteworthy that prominent leaders in the Kurdistan Democratic Party had recently demanded the post of President of the Republic, considering their party “the right of the election,” as he won 28 seats in the federal parliament.

But leaks addressed by political circles in the region indicated that the democratic aims of those statements to put political pressure on his rival and his partner in the ruling National Union to extract the greatest possible administrative and political gains.

“The Democratic Party has the right to seek further gains, because this is part of the assets of the negotiations and the political deliberations that we are conducting together, and each party will have its share according to its diligence,” he said.

He stressed that “the Union will announce his candidate for the post of president at the meeting of the leadership scheduled next Sunday.”

For her part, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Vian Dakhil, in a televised statement, that the post of President of the Republic has been resolved in favor of the Kurdistan Democratic exclusively, stressing that the time of giving and the donation of rights for the Kurdish row is over. ”

Dakhil pointed out that” the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Of splits and differences reflected the positive atmosphere that hangs on the poles of the Democratic Party, saying: “Massoud Barzani, can resolve the presidential candidate in just ten minutes.”

To this, Vian Dakhil downplayed the role of current President Fuad Masum, saying: “After former President Jalal Talabani, there was no power for the post of president in contrast to the Kurdish influence within the Iraqi system.” Source