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National Union and Barham Saleh Alliance announce an important statement

Held on Friday, a meeting between the Alliance for Democracy and Justice headed by Barham Saleh and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Sulaymaniyah.

A delegation from Saleh’s coalition visited Kusrat Rasul Ali, deputy secretary-general of the National Union, at his home in Sulaymaniyah.

According to the information received, the meeting comes as a continuation of the meetings held by the coalition and the National Union aimed at rapprochement between the parties and reaching a political agreement.

A member of the administrative board of the Alliance for Democracy and Justice, they have been talking to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for several months to reach an agreement, adding that a high committee was established for talks conducted and headed by Barham Saleh.

Ali Karim, a member of the administrative board of the Alliance for Democracy and Justice, said on Thursday that the coalition and several months in dialogue and coordination with the National Union to reach an agreement.

He added that the coalition formed a high committee for dialogue with the National Union headed by Barham Saleh, noting that the talks are continuing to reach a political agreement.

According to the information, from a reliable source, is scheduled to meet the committee formed by the leadership council of the Union on Saturday with the Supreme Committee formed by the Alliance for Democracy and Justice with the aim of uniting the two parties.

It also states that one of the main axes of the meeting between the National Union and the Coalition for Democracy and Justice is the candidacy of Barham Saleh for the post of president after an agreement between the two sides.

Another important point in the meeting was to discuss the fate of the coalition’s votes for democracy and justice in the elections and the possibility that Barham Saleh would assign his supporters to vote for the National Union in the event of a final agreement.

The two sides issued a joint statement after the meeting, stressing “the resolution of crises in the Kurdistan region and the problems directed by citizens, within the framework of a general political agreement to organize the interior of Kurdistan with the participation of all the Kurdish political forces.” Source