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Halabousi calls on Larijani to visit Baghdad and confirms rejection of sanctions against Iran

President of the Islamic Shura Council in Iran congratulated Ali Larijani, Speaker of the new House of Representatives Mohammed Halboussi on the occasion of his victory in the parliamentary elections by telephone on Sunday afternoon.

In this conversation, Larijani expressed the hope that Iraq will be able to complete the current political process by choosing a prime minister and a president quickly, which will reflect on the political, economic and social conditions in Iraq and thus contribute to the security, stability and welfare of society.

The head of the Islamic Shura Council on the important role Halbusi in stabilizing the current situation in Iraq, pointing out that Tehran has always wish for Iraq and its people and his happiness and pride.”

For his part , the President of the new Iraqi parliament , expressed his appreciation Islamic Republic of Iran, expressed his thanks to congratulate Larijani , adding that the people And MPs in the Iraqi parliament express their appreciation for the support of Iran to Iraq without hesitation earlier and now, especially with regard to the liberation of Iraq from terrorism and urging Al Halbusi that the Iraqi parliamentarians protest against the practice of any economic pressure and sanctions against Iran, These sanctions are unfair and will be stressing Baghdad to the Iranian people.

Halbusi and added that Iraq is ready to stand by Iran to restore security and stability to the region.

The President of the Iraqi, an official invitation to the President of the Islamic Shura Council to visit Iraq. Source