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Urgent Euphrates publishes the conditions of the Council of Ministers to distribute free housing

Our agency publishes the conditions of the Council of Ministers in granting the piece of residential land free of charge to its beneficiaries.

“The Prime Minister announced at the press conference that followed the meeting of the Council today on the launch of a large residential project in various provinces to distribute state-owned land to the citizens and ownership of them free of charge, especially slum dwellers and poor segments of the population. There is no habitation for him.”

The statement said that “the project will be implemented through the allocation of large areas near the cities up to hundreds of thousands or millions of square meters, depending on the size of the province and need and the use of the military effort to build infrastructure and then allocate land area of ​​200 square meters for each family provided that the benefit of housing under the conditions of building Sound and exploiting the land within specified time limits.“

The conditions noted that “the citizen who owns the free land may not sell the land until after a number of years within the specific controls, criteria and conditions that encourage the exploitation of housing by eligible citizens.” Source