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URGENT Iranian forces fire missiles at US aircraft carrier in Gulf

Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships fired missiles at US aircraft carrier John Stennis, who entered the Gulf for the first time since 2001, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The aircraft carrier entered the waters of the Gulf on Friday for the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington, the

agency said . The vessels of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were closely following the aircraft carrier and its accompanying group of ships, An unmanned aerial vehicle.

The US military and the Pentagon did not comment on the news.

This is the first entry of a US aircraft carrier to Gulf waters after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran has already threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, which transfers about a third of the world’s oil shipments.

This comes on the background of the announcement of the ground forces of the Revolutionary Guard, on Friday, it is conducting a week of military exercises in southern Iran along the waters of the Gulf ends on Saturday, which tested medium-range missiles high-precision. Source