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Political analyst: Pompeo’s visit to Baghdad next month to correct the Trump error

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Baghdad next month to correct the visit of President Donald Trump to Iraq on Wednesday.

“The visit of Trump is a new crisis in the Iraqi scene and it is very difficult to get a vote on the decision to withdraw in parliament for many reasons,” said Wathiq al-Hashemi.

“There are no US forces in Iraq, they are advisers and trainers in the military bases in Iraq and they are in Erbil and another in Qayyarah in Mosul and found a decision from former Prime Minister Haider Abadi to achieve balance with the Kurds so that there is no pressure from them.”

He pointed out that “the trainers and advisers came to Iraq after the request of the Iraqi government as international aid after the fall of the city of Mosul, the hands of gangs, calling the terrorist and this order of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a letter from Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari,” stressing “we want to protect Iraqi interests and this starts from loyalty to the homeland Not to other countries. “

He pointed out that “Trump’s visit violated all the diplomatic norms of the State is a member of the Security Council and enter the airspace and visit one of the sites of Iraq, a violation of sovereignty.” Surprisingly, “Zebari’s position in justification of the right to visit the head of state has troops in it.”

Al-Hashemi noted that “the statement of the Office of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on the visit is a great contradiction because of the political pressure on him, although he refused to hold a meeting with Trump at the base of Assad,” noting that “Pompeo’s visit to Baghdad next month is a correction to the fault Trump visit.”

He added that “the Kurdistan region and specifically Barzani addressed the American side and President Trump and his deputy Bens on the referendum, but they warned of the consequences of a serious referendum for the secession of the province and already ended Barzani’s resignation from the presidency of the region,” noting that “the Kurds have long been a victim in the major agreements and the latest in Syria.”

“Trump’s policy is unclear, and there are internal and external problems,” he said. “Trump’s visit, despite its negative in terms of the petrochemical aspect, carries a message of support for Iraq by announcing Trump not to withdraw from Iraq, which is implicit messages to Iran that the United States remains in the region.”

“Trump may dismantle and weaken the United States because of his policy, criticizing it,” he said, describing his trip to Iraq in a Hollywood way with a strange description of his fear of the First Lady and his national security adviser. “He came in an oppressed plane and other details. He said they were not the policeman to protect the world. Of the United States “.

“Trump did not say that he will use Iraq to strike other countries, but he said to strike a preacher, Iraq has an alliance with the United States not to have foreign troops on the ground, but only the use of air travel,” stressing.“ Source