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US general confirms the continued development of Iraqi forces and the training of more than 189 thousand members

The commander of the coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, General Lakamra, and the Director of the US Office for Security Cooperation and Coordination General Genghis, stressed the continued support and training to develop the capabilities of the Iraqi army, in addition to equipping trained units with all training requirements.

A statement issued by the Iraqi Defense Ministry received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Othman Al-Ghanmi, received on Monday the US general, and during the meeting to confirm the review of long-term plans, especially in the field of training and assistance in the rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities The two sides agreed to continue those meetings and meetings and discuss ways to enhance cooperation and coordination in the military field. ”

For its part, the US Embassy in Iraq announced that the Joint Task Force of the Solid Determination Process provides advice and support to Iraqi security forces in seven key security areas: security policy, security operations, training, sustainability, intelligence, counterterrorism and aviation. More than 189,000 members of Iraqi forces have received training from coalition forces, meaning thousands of police, border guards, soldiers and pilots to protect their country, “she said,

adding that” Iraqi trainers are now undertaking most of the training in the self-sufficiency phase.” Source