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US Secretary of State: We hope to form an Iraqi government as soon as possible

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has held Iraqi parliamentary elections throughout Iraq.

In a statement, Pompeo called on “elected members of parliament to form a comprehensive government that meets the aspirations of all segments of the Iraqi people.”

“We hope that the Iraqis will be able to form the next government as soon as possible in accordance with the constitutional timing, to allow Iraq to move forward towards a secure and prosperous future,” said the

US Secretary of State that the United States stands ready to cooperate with Iraqi parliamentarians and continue to build a long-term relationship Cooperation and friendship and a strategic partnership based on the Strategic Framework Agreement, which will contribute to the stability of the region and the development of peace and prosperity in Iraq

The elections took place on Saturday, in all governorates of Iraq, and the participation rate of 44.52%, according to Commissioner The elections, which may announce the results tomorrow, Monday, according to the electronic ballot. Source