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US withdrawal from the most prominent bases in Iraq and the handing over of presidential palaces

An Iraqi security source said today, Thursday, that the American forces are leaving an air base where they have been stationed for years, south of the Nineveh center.

The source said in a statement to the Russian “Sputnik”, that the American forces from the international coalition against terrorism will hand over the Qayyarah air base to the Nineveh Operations Command.

“The American forces withdraw from the Qayyarah base, located in the Qayyarah district, south of Mosul, the center of Nineveh governorate, to another major base in Iraqi territory,” the source added, an Iraqi army officer from Qayyarah.

The source confirmed that, “Yesterday, Wednesday, the American planes started to transfer the logistics of the coalition forces at the base until the completion of the operation to the withdrawal.”

The source revealed the date of the withdrawal of the American trainers and the forces of an international coalition against terrorism, from the presidential palaces, on the left side of the city of Mosul, on April 4.

The source noted that the Nineveh Operations Command will receive the presidential palaces from the American forces, after its withdrawal next month.

The Iraqi army officer concluded that the coalition forces and American trainers withdrew from the Qayyarah base and the presidential palaces to move to the main bases of the coalition in Salah ad Din and Anbar provinces, north and west of the country.

And the international coalition forces led by the United States of America against terrorism began to reduce its bases in Iraq by handing over its first military base to the Iraqi army, days after the Iraqi government filed an international complaint, against the American violations that killed 6 and wounded 12 security personnel, beginning of the month Ongoing.

The media announced that the security cell, on March 19 th, that the Iraqi security forces, received military based in Anbar province, west of the country, after the withdrawal of the international coalition base, including military forces with their equipment Kavh. Source