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The central bank announces several measures to sustain the payment of salaries and enhance bank balances

The Central Bank of Iraq announced that it had taken several measures to sustain the payment of salaries.

A statement of the bank mentioned, “The Euphrates News Agency” received a copy of it, “The efforts of the various institutions in our country are combating to combat the Corona epidemic and get out safely from this crisis, so we invite banks, exchange companies and electronic payment companies to take their responsible role at this stage.”

He added that “although the curfew affected the activities and actions of all official institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq, we have taken the initiative to employ our cadres in order to sustain the payment of salaries and finance of food, agricultural, medical and all necessary materials.”

The Central Bank stressed that “there is no change in its policy in financing trade and imports, which will resume after the ban is completely lifted.”

He pointed out, “As for the current stage, the bank will begin to enhance the bank balances abroad through the window of selling foreign currency according to a schedule of working days and according to the requirements of the situation and this will be reported first-hand, for the purposes of financing the credits of importing foodstuffs, agricultural supplies, medical materials and goods necessary for the country and citizens.” Source