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Al-Kazemi announces the outlines of his cabinet and pledges firmly to “inventory the arms”

The Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced the general lines of his cabinet, “firmly committed to confining arms to the state.”

He said in a speech this evening:

assigned a national test of Asir and the success of holding fair elections to

hold important free elections rests with everyone

I will give ministerial cabin as soon as possible and will be the maid of the government of the people the

government will be the first defense line for the people against Corona

sovereignty is a red line does not compromise the dignity of Iraq and its people ‘s

sovereignty Iraq will not be argumentative and the decision of his sons , however ,

we will bear arms firm measures

our economy wearied and we will work on a variety of resources , the

success of external relations based on the principle of national sovereignty first

would not allow insulting any Iraqis accused by extension outside the

fight against corruption a national task and will not give up sector The birth of the displaced people

is the only country that defends the country’s sovereignty. Source