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Parliamentary session next Wednesday

The President of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region called on all members of Parliament to attend the regular session, at exactly the 12th of next Wednesday.

The media office of the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan, Riaz Fawik, said, during a statement, received today, Monday: that the regular session of the Parliament of Kurdistan will be held at 12:00 on Wednesday 6/20/2020, calling on all members of Parliament to commit to attend the third session of the spring session for the second year of The fifth electoral cycle, in the parliament building.

Parliamentary Nasser Ahmed, from the Kurdistan National Union Bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan, announced today in a press statement that “the Kurdistan Parliament will host the Ministers of Education and Higher Education in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday, to discuss the conditions of education and higher education and the two ministries’ plan to not miss the school year and the obstacles of e-learning And other topics of interest to citizens, especially students. Source