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Names … Al-Kazemi’s booth after gaining the confidence of Parliament {expanded}

Parliament voted after midnight Wednesday on the government curriculum Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and 15 ministers were voted on, to give Al-Kazemi’s government an official capacity, and Al-Kazemi’s constitutional oath and government cabinet were performed.

The vote was as follows:

  1. Othman Al-Ghanimi .. Minister of the Interior
  2. Juma’a Anad .. Minister of Defense
  3. Ali Abdul Amir Allawi .. Minister of Finance
  4. Khaled Battal .. Minister of Planning
  5. Hassan Al-Tamimi .. Minister of Health
  6. Nabil Kazem .. Minister of Higher Education
  7. Majed Mahdi .. Minister of Electricity
  8. Nazin Muhammad .. Minister of Municipalities
  9. Nasser Hussein .. Minister of Transport
  10. Adnan Darjal .. Minister of Youth and Sports
  11. Manhal Aziz.. Minister of Industry
  12. Staff Shihab Ahmed .. Minister of Communications
  13. Adel Hashush .. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
  14. Mahdi Rashid .. Minister of Water Resources
  15. Ali Hamid Makhlaf .. Minister of Education,

While the candidates for trade, justice, culture and the button were rejected Spark plug and migration.

While the postponement of the vote on the foreign and oil ministers.

The new government took the constitutional oath in the House of Representatives, which raised its session to further notice. Source