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Democrat: Fouad Hussein’s nomination for the Foreign Ministry is under negotiation

The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, in the parliament, revealed on Sunday its position regarding the nomination of a name to take over the foreign portfolio of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government.

“There is currently no final candidate, from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on the assumption of the personality of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the federal government,” said Safwan Bashir, a member of the bloc.

Bashir added, “The Kurds are adhering to Fouad Hussein to assume the post,” adding that “the matter is under negotiation with the Shiite and Sunni parties, to agree on the matter, and satisfactory solutions must be reached for all parties.”

The Shiite and Kurdish parties in the House of Representatives recently decided to exchange their shares of the ministries of finance and foreign affairs, as they became the first for the Shiites, and the second for the Kurds.

Parliament had voted after midnight Wednesday on the government curriculum of the new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and 15 ministers were voted on, while 7 ministries remained unresolved to this day, namely foreign, oil, justice, agriculture, immigration, the displaced and culture. Source