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Tomorrow … Resumption of consultations to complete the government and proposals to pass 3 ministries

It is expected that political forces will resume tomorrow, Thursday, their consultations with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi regarding the completion of the government.

Al-Kazemi and 6 of his ministers run seven ministries that are still vacant in his 22-member cabinet.

Al-Kazemi took over the management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to his position as Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, while ministers shared the other six portfolios.

According to political and government sources said that “Kazmi would give up in his consultations with the political blocs to complete the government in one session vote of the parliament,” noting that it may pass the two ministries names or three out of different ministries on them, in the event of reaching the Iraqi forces agreement on them. ”

Voice Parliament on May 7, the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi with its government program that stipulated the holding of early elections in all cities of the country, and work to restore the prestige of the state and emphasize that Iraq should spare the fragments of any American-Iranian escalation inside Iraq, as well as alleviate the financial crisis that The country was hit by the collapse in oil prices.

The victory coalition led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that “Al-Kazemi may send the names of the candidates of three or four vacant ministries to be agreed upon soon,” noting that “there are sharp differences that still persist on the foreign and oil ministries, as well as justice, between the various political forces.”

And a parliamentarian in Al-Nasr, who preferred not to be identified, pointed out that it is hoped that the consultations will resume tomorrow evening Thursday, with the end of the Eid holiday. ”And

there was no agreement on the ministries of trade, agriculture, justice, culture, immigration, oil, and foreign affairs due to sharp political differences regarding the names of these candidates. Ministries and blocs that nominate them for the position.

According to identical information, there is progress on three ministries that may soon be resolved, namely trade, agriculture and culture, while disputes continue over oil and foreign ministries and justice between the alliance blocs or one political component, as well as with other blocs that reserve, for example, the names provided by the Kurdish forces To fill the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or names submitted to the Ministry of Justice and Oil.

The parliamentarian stated that the government formation agreements granted the Ministry of Commerce to the Sunni forces, justice and foreign affairs for the Kurds, and the ministries of agriculture, culture and oil to the Shiites, provided that the Ministry of Immigration is granted to a Christian figure, indicating that there are differences regarding the way a Christian figure takes over the Ministry of Immigration, as a team sees it as a worthy of represented parties For the component, while others claim to be granted an independent Christian personality.

He pointed out that “the scene is complicated and needs consensus, which would pass the new names, in light of some parties’ adherence to specific candidates”, warning of pressure exerted by political blocs to impose names for the vacant ministries according to the principle of quotas.

On the other hand, the former representative of the Christian component, Joseph Sliwa, said that successive governments, up to the present time, are using minorities as a card to gain the support of the international community when they bring people who do not represent their components in real terms, but they are just names belonging to these components.

And he, in a press statement, stressed the necessity of granting positions to independent Christian figures, not to people working within the large parties that control the reins of government in Iraq.

Last week, Chaldean Patriarch Louis Saco said that the Christian component in Iraq lacks real representation in political forums, adding that their share in previous years was poor because of the crises that followed them, as well as the absence of constitutional articles that guarantee their rights.

Although Al-Kazemi had promised to complete the vacant bags before the holiday, his promise collided with the continuing differences between the blocs over the remaining ministries.

The Ministry of Oil, which has become a share of Basra Governorate, because this province exports more than 80 per cent of Iraqi oil, and the political authorities in it did not agree on a specific name to take over this bag, which has increased the number of candidates from among the personalities of the province to 50 candidates so that the number will eventually be reduced to 10 names.

While a number of Basra representatives in Parliament were supposed to meet the Prime Minister one day before the holiday to choose 5 personalities from these names and leave freedom of choice to him, the results of the meeting have not yet emerged; Which means the differences persist.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has become a share of the Kurds, and in particular the Kurdistan Democratic Party, there is still disagreement over who is responsible for it. The Kurds, and in particular the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, adhere to the former Finance Minister Fouad Hussein to take over amid Shiite protests; Indeed, even the other potential candidate, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari, had been removed from his last position, which is finance in 2016, amid deep differences with many Shiite blocs, and therefore it is difficult to accept him to take over again, which means difficulty resolving immediately after the Eid, according to what he began declaring There are some deputies who do not express their statements about what is happening behind closed doors.  Source