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Diplomatic sources settle the controversy over the news of Kuwait forgiving Iraq debts

Kuwaiti diplomatic sources commented on the rumors regarding Kuwait’s forgiveness of Iraq’s remaining debts, linked to compensation for the invasion of the previous regime and the postponement of other payments.

The sources said to the newspaper, “An-Nahar” that the Iraqi Finance Minister during his recent visit to Kuwait submitted a request on behalf of his country’s government to postpone the payment of the remaining debts for a period ranging between one or two years, given the economic conditions imposed by the low oil prices as well as the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus, indicating that the request still under study were pending after by the government. ”

the sources pointed out that Iraq had been paid to Kuwait share of debt in the month of April / April last, worth $ 440 million, indicating that the total remaining debt value of $ 2.8 billion.

the MP The former Kuwaiti, Abdul Hamid Abbas Dashti, wrote yesterday, Thursday, that his country exempted Iraq from debts amounting to $ 3 billion, and decided to postpone further payment.

Dashti wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “Congratulations to Iraq, to exempt debts of $ 3 billion due to Kuwait, and to postpone a debt of 1.6 billion dollars. ”

Neither Kuwait nor Iraq has formally announced the existence of such an agreement between the two countries, as was previously the practice.

Finance Minister Ali Allawi, who is also Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Oil Minister, suggested that Kuwait postpone about $ 3 billion in Iraq’s debt related to Gulf War compensation (1990-1991), when the ousted President Saddam burned Kuwait’s oil fields at the time. Source