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Parliament completes voting on cabinet formation and ends discussion of borrowing law {expanded}

The Council of Representatives completed in its third session of the fourth parliamentary session for the second legislative year of the second legislative term, which was held under the chairmanship of Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Council today, Saturday 6/6/2020 and in the presence of 247 As a deputy, the vote on vacant ministerial positions ended the discussion of the draft domestic and foreign borrowing law.

At the beginning of the session, according to the statement of the official website of the council, “The council completed the voting on the names of the ministerial formation of the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, which included, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, Minister of Oil, Fouad Muhammad Hussein, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivan Faeq Yaqoub, Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Alaa Ahmed Hassan, Minister of Trade, and Muhammad Karim Jasim, Minister of Agriculture and Salar Abdel-Sattar Mohamed as Minister of Justice and Hassan Nazem Abdel Hammadi as Minister of Culture and Antiquities.

For his part, he called “Mustafa Al-Kazemi to support the efforts of the government facing major challenges, especially facing the Corona virus and the economic and security crisis, pointing out that the challenges require a clear stance from us to support the government and cross the stage to prepare the atmosphere for early elections and protect the Iraqi economy and security efforts, in advance thanks to the House of Representatives For his vote on the vacant ministries. ”

In the same regard, “the Council voted to authorize the Prime Minister to create a ministry of state whose minister will be from the Turkmen component in order to support the components to participate in building the state.”

Then, “the new ministers were sworn in before members of Parliament.”

On the other hand, the President of the Council announced that “Hadi Farhan Al-Amri submitted his resignation from the membership of the Council, indicating that Abdul Karim Younis Eilan is the replacement of Al-Amiri, according to the procedures of the High Elections Commission.”

Regarding legislation, the council completed reading a report and discussing the draft domestic and foreign borrowing law to finance the fiscal deficit for the year 2020 submitted by the Finance Committee.

In their interventions on the draft law, the deputies pointed out that “avoiding borrowing is better than resorting to it by going towards alternative reform measures and adopting unified standards to achieve justice between citizens and the fair management of wealth, and calling for the necessity of activating a realistic program to combat corruption, and directing loans towards development projects that contribute to The development of the economy, as well as the government’s resort to other sources to support the revenues of the public budget such as border crossings and communications, attention to the agricultural calendar and raising taxes on foreign goods to support the local product.

The views of the deputies during the session, which was headed by Bashir Al-Haddad, Vice-President of the Council, focused on “activating the investment law and setting a fixed ceiling for borrowing according to the need, as well as benefiting from the state’s real estate revenues to support the budget, and demanding to go to establishing industrial cities to support the local economy and provide job opportunities For young people. ”

In turn, the representative of the government in the House of Representatives stressed “the importance of concerted efforts to pass the bill, stating that the state is interested in diversifying funding sources to support the public treasury in light of the financial hardship it is going through, indicating that the state will not go to external borrowing unless its solutions are exhausted by borrowing Procedure. ”

In its response to the interventions, she stressed, “the committee concerned to take into account the views of members of the Council in consideration for the sake of the maturity of the law and its legislation, calling on the government to submit a national project for economic reform.”

Then it was decided to adjourn the session to the next Monday 8/6/2020. Source